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Division of Inspections and Investigations

The Division of Inspections and Investigations is tasked with several different responsibilities such as fire safety education, fire inspections of local businesses and licensed facilities, plans review, issuing permits and fire investigations. The Division of Inspections and Investigations has one full-time inspector that works Monday thru Friday from 7am-4pm and also has shift Lieutenants that assist the inspector with these responsibilities.

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Division of Inspections and Investigations conducts fire inspections of commercial properties within the township during business hours to ensure compliance with the Ohio Fire Code. Typically, inspectors will check exit signs, emergency lights, fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems to make sure that they are in working order. Inspectors will also check for the use of extension cords, making sure space heaters are plugged directly into an outlet and so on. If you would like to schedule an inspection of your business, please contact the fire department at 330-492-4089 or email [email protected].

Fire Safety Education & Fire Station Tours

The Division of Inspections and Investigations is available for fire safety talks on several topics such as fire extinguishers, fire safety for the healthcare provider and fire safety in hotels.

Fire station tours are available for groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, church groups and preschools. Please contact the Fire Department at 330-492-4089 or by email at [email protected] to learn more about fire safety education programs or to schedule a fire station tour.

Plans Review

The Division of Inspections and Investigations is involved with plans review of new construction of commercial buildings as well as major renovations of existing commercial buildings. Architectural drawings of new construction and renovations of existing buildings must be submitted to the Division of Inspections and Investigation prior to construction beginning. The Division of Inspections and Investigations reviews the plans to ensure that the construction is in accordance with the Ohio Fire Code. Plans are reviewed within three to five days of receipt and comments if necessary are sent out within that time frame.


Plain Township Fire & Rescue does issue permits for certain work being performed in the township. The list below is permits that are required by Plain Township Fire & Rescue when the following work is being done in the township:

Before a permit can be issued the responsible party for the permit shall fill out the appropriate permit application, available on the website, deliver two (2) sets of plans (if applicable) to the address listed on the permit application with the appropriate permit application and permit fee. Checks or cash only with checks made payable to Plain Township Fire & Rescue.

Once the plans have been reviewed and comments issued (if needed) the Division of Inspections shall issue a permit for the work being done in the township. Work can only begin once permits have been issued by Plain Township Fire, Zoning and/or Stark County Building Department.

Permit/Form Downloads

*  Completed forms can be saved and emailed to [email protected].

View DocumentPermit Application Instructions
View DocumentPermit Application - Exhibition of Fireworks *
View DocumentPermit Application - Fire Protection Equipment / Tents *
View DocumentPermit Application - Above Ground/Underground Storage Systems *
View DocumentCommercial Plan Review Application *

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